Education network helps Cotabato improve education financing


odt4E-Net Philippines, the hundred-strong network of educators from all over the Philippines, will implement the Open Data Project for Special Education in the province of Cotabato to strengthen the capacity of the Local School Board on increasing the Special Education Fund.
“The open data is about availability and accessibility of public data in a friendly format and timely manner,” explained Michael Canares, program manager of Open Data for Transparency Project (OD4T).
The Open Data project is part of a bigger initiative in promoting the use of open data to strengthen fiscal transparency in the Philippines and Indonesia. The project is managed by World Wide Web Foundation’s Open Data Lab Jakarta and funded by the Southeast Asia Technology and Transparency Initiative (SEATTI).
“E-Net Philippines will help the local government ensure transparency in the Special Education Fund so that members of the Local School Board and citizens advocating for better basic education services can come up together with better plans, programs and budgets for education,” said Addie Unsi, E-Net Philippines national coordinator.
“In the Philippines, the initiative is very timely while the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill is not yet passed to access government data,” Unsi said. “The lessons from the pilot project can be used to advocate for the speedy passage of FOI,” he added.

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